We are a leading Iranian consulting engineering company in the field of modern safety engineering, and health, safety and environment (HSE) risk management, which is a developing area in our country. The core of the company is a group of professionals with over 15 years of accumulated experience in various engineering, education and management fields related to safety and HSE. We are focused on improving technical awareness, leadership capabilities and strategic thinking power of companies. 

Our company provides public and private sector clients in oil, gas and petrochemicals as well as engineering businesses with various consulting services. We also provide professional training courses.

Founders of the company are pioneers of modern process safety in Iran, both in industry and in academia. We closely collaborate with Center for Process Design, Safety and Loss Prevention (CPSL) of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department at Sharif University of Technology. Managers of the company have been advocating modern risk management and improvement of safety awareness at management level with various large Iranian companies for several years.


We provide professional services in engineering risk assessment/management. Our specialist team was established by a number of professionals with various safety engineering, education and management background. With a background of various completed projects and several other projects at hand, our team is the leading engineering service provider in the field of HSE in the Iranian market. 

We help public and private sector companies leverage their assets and investments by systematically identifying various HS&E risks associated with their industry, and managing them cost-effectively. We focus on improving technical awareness, leadership capabilities, and strategic thinking power of companies. Our vision/mission statement summarizes our strategy, which is:

To construct a pioneer organization that applies up-to-date knowledge, experiences & innovation in the field of Oil, Gas , Petrochemical, chemical, Energy industries, Industrial factories & Servicing Organizations to play an effective role in improving client organization. This improvement can be achieved in terms of:

Improving safety levels,

Ensuring production continuity

Reduction of production costs

Efficiency Increase

Minimizing pollution at national and international levels.


Our Role

We typically undertake the following types of services:

Qualitative/Quantitative Risk Assessment 

Emergency and Crisis Management Planning

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Study

Process Safety Engineering Design (from CONCEPT to MATERIALS REQuisition)

Technical supervision on safety systems development

Process Analysis and Optimization

Professional Training

We use the latest techniques and comprehensive software tools in our field. However, our advantage lies not in these tools, but in our focused management style, quality of services, supportive clientele and active human resources.

Quality of services and project deliverables is a rule for us. The multidimensional view of the team provides clients with a toolkit of expertise in loss prevention and process safety, risk management and strategic planning, assurance and management systems, professional training, and technical development. 

Being so, our approach simply provides business advantage to the clients, which was extensively recognized and appreciated by our clients (see below).



Founders of the company have brought in a multi-faceted experience of engineering, consultancy, scientific research, education and training to build a reliable foundation for undertaking client projects. Highlights of the accumulated experience gained in an unrivalled set of more than 360 specialized projects are:

Hazard identification and risk evaluation in:

Petrochemical plants

Gas processing plants

Crude oil production plants

Chemical plants

Utility units

Risk-based emergency planning

Organizing a safety engineering design dept. within an engineering firm

Safety engineering detailed design 

Professional safety engineering training courses

Academic Collaboration


Our roots are in Sharif University of Technology, one of the most renowned technical universities in Iran. We have close collaboration with Center for Process Design, Safety and Loss Prevention (CPSL- at the university. The Center was pioneered in 2000 by Dr. D. Rashtchian, a member of this team, and since then has been active under his supervision. 

The Center has greatly contributed to introduction of modern process safety to the scientific community, as well as to the industry, taking into account its education and research aspects. Moreover, the majority of process safety specialists who have joined us have completed their research in the same Center, including several MSc and PhD research projects leading to ISI papers. The team was established by him and a number of his colleagues to extend the application of the techniques to industrial type projects. 

The Center hosted the National Conference on Safety Engineering & HSE Management started in Feb. 2006, and now in its 5th round to be held March 2014. This conference is always sponsored by several large Iranian and international companies, including BP, DNV, Hydro, Shell, Statoil, TOTAL and TÜV.

Other Activities


Considering the scarcity of safety engineers who are familiar with the modern aspects of process safety and HSE-MS, our team has attracted and now houses rare contributors to these fields with various complementary experiences. These are categorized in the following areas:

Safety awareness development and training

Professional safety services in the engineering companies

Risk management software

HSE software 

Establishing Iran Safety Sciences Association (ISSA)

A. Safety Awareness Development and Training

Two of our team members have been very active in advocating modern safety and improvement of safety awareness at management level in various large Iranian companies, including NIOC, NIGC and NPC. They have also been engaged in numerous educational, training and research activities in the past 15 years. We have given extensive training in hazard identification, consequence modelling and QRA for several Iranian companies in the recent past. These courses have included professional software presentations, as well. 

B. Professional Safety Services in Engineering Companies

The first ever safety engineering department within a leading Iranian engineering company was established, organized and directed in Nargan Consulting Engineers in 1995 by one of our team members, with the support of top management of the company. He has also served as the senior safety advisor to another large engineering company, which is called Energy Industries Engineering and Design (EIED) Company. 

C. Introduction of Risk Management Software

One of the members of our team is particularly engaged in introducing professional safety engineering software, including PHA-Pro, PHAST, SAFETI, NEPTUNE and ORBIT in Iran. 

D. HSE Software

We have been introducing leading software technology for systematic support and management of information flow for management of health, safety and environment. The software helps organizations achieve ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and HSE-MS by documenting the company's progress against their internal systems.

The typical applications of the software are as follows:

Information Management

Performance Management

Knowledge Management

Regulatory Compliance

The software features include:

Web-based Transactional System

Industry-based workflow automation

Business Alerts and Notification

User-centric with ease of deployment

Plug-in Manager for integration

Extensive query based analysis

Automated Data verification

E. Establishing Iran Safety Sciences Association (ISSA)

The long-awaited society for safety and HS&E was recently established by a group of 10 selected professionals in the fields of process safety engineering, industrial hygiene and occupational health. Two out of the 10 above-mentioned professionals are from our company.

F. Certificates

In December 2013, Aipceco managed to achieve the qualification certificate for consultancy services in the field of safety, hazard reduction and passive defense. 

This certificate is an official approval issued by Vice-Presidency for Strategic Planning and Supervision, the highest governmental section supervising the performance of Iranian contractors, to indicate companies’ level and ranking in any industrial field.

Aipceco succeeded to gain ranking 3 of qualification certificate which can be investigated along with more detail information by visiting

Our Quality Management System (QMS) is certified by SGS for compliance with ISO 9001:2008. We have also been certified by Deputy of The Presidency in Planning and Strategic Supervision as Grade III of Safety Engineering Services.

G. Professional Memberships

Aftab Imen Parto is a registered member of Iran Management Consultants Association (IMCA). It is also authorized by Tehran Province Computer Trade Association for software development. Our efforts towards quality improvement were recognized by NPC as Commitment to Excellence.

Contact Us

Head Office:

Unit 3, No. 290, Zafar Ave., between Modarres highway & Africa Blvd., Tehran, Iran.


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Fields of activity

Health, Safety and Environment Management
Design of Fire Protection Systems
Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)
Consequence Modeling with PHAST
Consequence Modeling using CFD methods
Emergency Response Planning (ERP)
Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM)
Process Safety Management (PSM)
Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR)
Training Courses

Company Profile

Company Profile AIPCECO


To construct a pioneer organization that applies up-to-date knowledge, experiences & innovation in the field of Oil, Gas , Refinery, Petrochemical, chemical & Energy industries, Industrial factories & Servicing Organizations to play an effective role in improving client organization. This improvement can be acheived in terms of:
Improving safety levels,
Reduction of production costs
Efficiency Increase