Training Courses

Aftab Imen Parto Consulting Engineers Co., by using its experienced and committed experts, has always been a leading group in engineering consulting services in the fields of risk management and assessment, safety engineering, consequence analysis, HSE management, hazard identification and assessment, and process engineering. It has had an active and effective presence in various industries, especially oil, gas and petrochemical. Also, continuous cooperation with specialized centers such as the Center for Process Design, Safety and Waste Reduction (CPSL) of Sharif University of Technology always guarantees the benefit of this collection of achievements and new and up-to-date engineering methods and academic staff in the country in the above fields.

Now, after two decades of continuous and dynamic presence of managers and experts of this company in the field of industry, this consulting company has been able to take advantage of its experience in the design of numerous projects in the field of safety engineering and the process design of various training courses for the interest Provide experts and specialists in the country’s industries. The purpose of the company’s managers in holding these courses is to improve the technical and engineering ability of internal experts, to transfer the company’s knowledge and experience, as well as to develop and expand the knowledge of safety engineering at the country level and to create grounds for more cooperation with industrial and academic groups in order to improve the national ability in the field of safety engineering and related fields.

The instructors of these courses are faculty members of academic centers of the country and experienced specialists of Aftab Imen Parto Company, and all the efforts of the company are to hold the courses based on the knowledge and experience integrated in the teaching staff and with a practical approach. It is obvious that attending these courses provides a unique opportunity for learners to get acquainted with the achievements and methods of the day in their specialized field. Below is a list of the titles of the training courses that are the expertise of the experienced staff of instructors of Aftab Imen Parto Consulting Engineers.