Consequence Modeling


  • Determining the acceptable distance between process units (Fire Zone Spacing) in an industrial complex being designed
  • Determining the Restricted Area and Impacted Area (Impacted Area) using consequence modeling
  • Conducting fireproofing engineering studies for metal equipment and structures
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) (individual and collective risk determination – determining the privacy of pipelines) in land and sea sectors
  • Evaluation of buildings against blast (Blast Study) and practical suggestions related to reducing its effects
  • Hazardous Area Classification
  • Modeling using computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Designing dyke walls and revising existing dyke walls according to valid standards
  • Investigating the efficiency of the leaky systems of poisonous and flammable gases with the help of Consequence Modeling

In today’s industrial and complex units, there is a significant potential of accidents due to the unique acute operational conditions. Some notable industrial accidents that have occurred in just the last few decades include the major disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine in 1986, the fatal accident of the Piper Alpha oil platform in 1988, the explosion at the French Toulouse petrochemical complex in 2001, and the massive fire at the Texas refinery. America in 2005 and their consequences are very shocking and their effects have sometimes been manifested in continental or global dimensions and they have also caused deep human, financial and environmental damages to the human society.

In addition, a careful examination of famous incidents shows that most of them were not only preventable, but their severity was also predictable; provided that the analysis of the consequences of accidents in the facilities in question was done on time and based on that, relevant safety measures were considered. Aftab Imen Parto Company is proud to be able to provide specialized consulting services in process units under design or existing by using experienced experts in this field and by using the most advanced scientific methods and simulation and analysis software.